One becomes two

In 2006 when we met the teachers and children at Chitardai School outside of Deogarh, Rajastahn, we had only hopes that the collaboration would be successful. It wasn’t all straight forward and easy, as things hardly ever are in India but the efforts have paid off. When we finally got the benches into the classrooms and a computer and printer for the students to use we knew this was the route to take.

Together with the Shri Jaswant Charitable Trust we met Mr Devilal Prajapat, a devoted and passionate teacher at the Pata Ki Aanti School, also outside of Deogarh. Pata Ki Aanti School is located in a very remote and poor area and the school is managing on very limited support. After our first visit we decided to start the collaboration with the supply of benches as this is one of the basic needs of which good education relies, especially through the winter months when Rajastahn gets very cold and the schools stone floors unbearably cold.

And so – in October 2009 – the money transfer was completed and the benches are now to be bought. In March we’ll be going over to visit the schools and will report on the result.

First visit at the Tanta Ki Aanti School
Chitardai School
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