Update from Banérporten India themed week

We’ve had an update from the Stockholm school Banérporten on their India themed week. It was a great success and the students and teachers very much enjoyed it! One young student apparently even told his father that it was ‘the most fun he has ever had in school’. Can’t get any better than that can it? We are thrilled and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Banérporten!

The activities during the week included: Indian dance, facts about India, music and film from classic citar to Bollywood, religion, art, Indian children’s games and food.

It’s great to hear that the children enjoyed learning about this far away country that is so different to Sweden but a very important part in our ever growing international world.

Banérporten have chosen to get involved in our Nand Nagri-project in East Delhi, and during their India week the teachers, students and parents at Banérporten amazingly raised funds of 11,000SEK for this project! The funds will support 22 students in East Delhi for a whole year. THANK YOU to everyone involved and we look forward to continuing this work.

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