Varför vi gör det vi gör

Vi har lovat en rapport från vår resa till Indien i november 2012 där vi besökte våra tre projekt och pratade om planerna för 2013. Här berättar Marie-Louise mer om resan:

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We had three days in Deogarh where we visited all the schools as well as a trip to our first school, Chitardai School, where we met ’our’ five female teachers. It was great to meet them and hear their thoughts and views on the school classes and their work.
We also had brought with us 10 proper footballs sponsored by Adidas that we gifted to the different schools.
We shall now support five more female teachers to the schools in the Deogarh area. The female teachers are real role models for the girls and inspires them to continue their studies.

After Deogarh we went to Dehli to visit our two projects in the south and east Dehli.
At Nand Nagri we were greeted with a floral welcome  and a dance group of girls performing a welcome song and dance especially composed for the occasion by the girl students. The enctrance was decorated with a tilak of Kum Kum and Rice. I had a very informative talk with the headmaster and we shall now be able to connect our Swedish classes and teachers with teachers and students in the Nand Nagri school. Afterwards we visited all the classes for discussions with students and teachers. All in all we can testify that they are doing a wonderful job.

Then it was on to the South of Delhi to visit our other project. Here too the teachers and head staff are doing a wonderful job. We had, with the help of General Chhatwal translating from Hindi to English, interesting discussions with the teachers.

What gave me such pleasure and joyful memories are that our projects are working – we are successful and to invest in education and empowerment make a difference. A big difference.
We are now supporting almost 300 studens with the opportunity to study and hopefully be able to fulfil their dreams.

Thank you for your continued support!


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