Olympen Art Project

Christopher Williams (Bildpedagog) together with Sofia Stålberg (Förskolechef) at Olympen Förskolor & Skolor Telefonplan International have been working in a collaborative creative arts project with preschool children, in which the final event mounts up to an art auction acting as a fundraising event for School by School

The creative arts project supports both educational development for schools in India, as well as develops Olympens mutli-modal philosophy of positive developmental health.

Through an interactive art making process, the children at Olympen are given the opportunity to embrace an educational experience, by means of actively participating in a learning practice that involves creating collaborative visual and musical art pieces.

With a focus on the Swedish preschool curriculum (Lpfö 98/2010) and Grön Flagg, the use of recycled material is a primary source of supplies as a pedagogical plan. This gives the children a genuine empathic understanding of their world around them, touching upon self awareness, ethnicity, cultural diversity, traditions, mathematics, natural science & native language.

All age groups (ranging from 1 to 9 years) and educators at Olympen Telefonplan participated in the School by School fund raising event.

olympen Konst Ad7We at School by School want to thank all the children and staff who are involved in this project. And a special thank you to Christopher and Sofia for making this happen!


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