Brev från Neb Sara-Maidan Garhi

Vi fick ett email idag från det Learning Centre i södra Delhi som vi jobbar med. Vi kommer försöka ta kort/scanna bilderna barnen målade och lägga upp här så vi alla får ta del av deras “dream world”.
Greetings from ANK!
This last Saturday Maria Engström along with her husband Per visited our remedial learning center at 2.45 pm. Thanks Maria.
At the center we had 90 children at that time and we had organised a drawing session where they were given a topic “My dream world” to draw, and they did it so well.
It was excellent to have their feelings being drawn on papers.All children gave their  drawing to Maria as a gift.
It was so good to have Maria coming along with her husband.They enjoyed the session thoroughly. Maria had also brought some stationary for children like, notebooks, crayons, pencils etc. We distributed the stationary among all the children, and they were so happy to have them.
Rest all the classes are scheduled properly and the teachers are working very hard with them.
Best Regards

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1 Response to Brev från Neb Sara-Maidan Garhi

  1. Charlotta Mirow says:

    Lovely drawings from lovely pupils to lovely Maria and Per!! Hope to visit your school when
    I´m in Dehli next time! mvbr Charlotta Mirow

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