Styrelsen och ambassadörer

Insamlingsstiftelsen School by School
Kungstensgatan 3, 114 25 Stockholm
Organisationsnummer: 802426-3280

The School by School board:

Founder of School by School.
Marie-Louise came into contact with India through one of her previous businesses, Himla AB, and immediately fell in love with the country and its people. But it was through one of her other businesses, recruitment and staffing business Inhouse AB, that School by School was born as a CSR project. The work grew and Marie-Louise decided to turn the CSR project into an independent organisation.
To be able to give something back to a country that has given one so much is the most inspiring enterprise she has entered.

Per has 30 years of international banking experience, having managed several of SEB´s Asian operations. The last 4 years he was the Head of SEB in India, stationed in Delhi. Per and his wife Maria have taken India to their hearts. Maria worked as a local ambassador for SbS during their stay in Delhi, where they developed the succesful Coach to Coach program, which SbS now runs. Per has seen the positive impact on ground of SbS’s work, and is very committed to further develop the work of the Charity.

Sara has more close to twenty years of experience working with and living in India, and ended up there after working for Ericsson in different places around the world. She is now the head of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce India. Sara wants to build bridges between her two countries; believing there is much to learn from one another, and inspired by close friends and family in India who are walking alongside children and young women from vulnerable backgrounds to empower, see potential released, and community built.

A pediatrician employed by the pharmaceutical industry with 2 years experience of working with mother and child care in Bangladesh.
Sten has been a full time pediatrician during 12 years and he still does it part time. With two children now grown up he is still very interested in the art of learning and the importance for children to get a proper education.

A senior and much esteemed interior designer who through her work has travelled the world. It was also through her work that she met Marie-Louise and started following the work of what was to become the foundation of School by School. She has a great network and positive mind to encourage and involve ambassadors.

Carina runs Kompus, a business specialising in education and competence development, since 1997.
She is a trained teacher and have worked over 13 years within the Swedish school system as well as charitable work with young students in Sweden. Through her work she has realised, and witnessed, the great importance of children’s right to education and the value of good, educated teachers to teach them.

Magnus is a lawyer and senior counsel of Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå , a leading business law firm in the Nordic region, also engaged in a pro bono programme.
Magnus has been working with Swedish entailed estates and foundations and have in this connection also taken an interest in foundations for the promotion of education and welfare outside of Sweden.


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