Chitardai School

U.P.S. Chitardai School was the first school we got engaged in and it has set an example of how it’s possible together with engaged teachers to move forward and bring the necessary needs necessary to give the students a full and rewarding education.

Mr Devendr Singh Kachhawa is the head teacher at Chitardai School and has played a very big part in its development.

Since we visited the school for the first time three years ago, a lot has happened. On our visit in March 2009 we brought computers and a printer to the school, for most children this was a first. The reception we received upon our return to the school was beautiful and very moving. A bag-pipe orchestra, flower arrangements and lovely written greetings by the students that we will bring with us forever.

The school educates about 150 students in 4 class rooms. The boys go to school for 9 years whereas the girls attend school for 11 years. Among the subjects taught is Hindi (in Deogarh they speak a local type of hindi), English and Sanskrit. Nature and Environment are also two important topics for the school since many of the children are from farming families.

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